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Heidi had a mixed upbringing in SoCal and Texas. A high school valedictorian and honors graduate of UC Berkeley, she had toiled in many unrelated jobs and composed dozens of songs before it occurred to her that she was one of those singer-songwriter chicks. In her other life she is a solo acoustic performer.

Born and bred in San Diego, Nolan left to attend Berklee College of Music. Now back and living on the North County coast, he gigs and records around the country with several up-and-coming bands. He enjoys spending time with his lovely fiancé and is studying to be a game programmer.

The most notable projects in the young life of Tim have been The New Archaic, which won Best New Artist at the 2009 San Diego Music Awards, and In Motion Trio, which won Best Jazz Artist in 2011. When not studying Music at UCSD with an emphasis in jazz, Tim might be found working on one of his current projects, which include In Motion Collective, Privet, and Second Cousins.